The Palace of Armenian Archbishops

    Address:7/9 Virmenska Street
  • The Palace of Armenian Archbishops is an architectural monument of the 17th-18th centuries.

    The Palace of Armenian Archbishops constructed in the late 17th century by Archbishop Hunaniyan stands on the east side of the Armenian Cathedral’s courtyard. After the fire of 1778 it was rebuilt and expanded by one of the Archbishop’s successors – Ja. Avgustynovych. The palace used to be the centre of life of Lviv’s Armenian community.

    An interesting surviving element of the original building is the portal with the stone framing decorated with the ornamental motive in the form of grooves with small chaplets inserted into them. This motive was widespread in the architecture of the East and the ancient Kilikian state. Today fragments that are over five centuries old are preserved under the palace’s roof and in its exterior. Among them is an emblematic symbol of Armenian archbishops on the exterior wall of the palace

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