Armenian Quarter


  • The Armenian Cathedral

    The Armenian Cathedral (14-15th centuries) is a unique monument of Eastern culture in Europe. It is a successful architectural combination of various styles: the typical Armenian sanctuary, the Romanesque-Gothic style of Western Europe, and the traditional Ukrainian Halychyna type.

  • Virmenska str.

    The Armenian community, one of the oldest in Lviv, had formed over the years a center for its national life in Lviv. Its unique architecture portrays the original spirit of this Eastern Christian culture.

  • The Palace of Armenian Archbishops

    The Palace of Armenian Archbishops is an architectural monument of the 17th-18th centuries.

  • Residential Houses in Virmenska Street (16th-19th centuries)

    For many centuries Armenians in Lviv have tried to recreate a part of their motherland in combination with European architectural tradition.