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Lviv - worth your visit!

  • Lviv is a city whose charm speaks to your senses. It is a city of coffee drinkers, leisurely strolls and bizarre restaurants. The city's somewhat faded grandeur, strong artistic and literary traditions invite a new urban vibe.

    History and architecture

    Lviv architecture fascinates with originality and always impresses you in a new and completely unique way. You always open new sides of this city with each promenades here. Here you can find a list of Lviv attractions you shouldn't miss to visit.

    Coffee and sweets

    Lviv is known as city of coffee. Therefore we recommend you to taste coffee in famous Lviv cafes. Starting morning with a walk through Rynok Square, enjoying adorable aroma of Lviv coffee somehow became a tradition among city visitors. List of the most popular cafes can be found here. A good idea might be to try a cup of coffee in Svit Kavy (World of Coffee).

    Lviv gastronomy

    This list of restaurants can be very helpful if someone is seeking for delicious food. For better understanding Lviv gastronomic atmosphere we also suggest you to visit one of numerous Lviv pubsKumpel’ Group can offer wide variety of traditional Galician cuisine, Lviv coziness and hospitality. And in the evening after discovering beautiful city we propose you to taste some traditional Lviv beer, which is brewed here more than five centuries. Beer can be ordered in one of these following places.

    Festivals and art

    Lviv is also famous as capital of festivals. Festivals take place in the city during all year no matter of season. Full list of Lviv festivals can be found by this link. If you are planning to organize some events in Lviv we suggest you to use calendar of city events.

    Excursions in Lviv

    Lviv guides have prepared numerous city tours to help you making process of exploring city easy and comfortable.

    We also recommend you city guidebook Awesome Lviv to find out a lot of interesting moments about Lviv.

    Lviv airport

    Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport is the biggest airport in Western Ukraine located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from central Lviv. Destination network of the airport consists of 32 routes (30 international and 2 domestic). Flight schedule.

    Public transport of Lviv