Tourist signs in Lviv

Arriving in Lviv for the first time tourist signs will help you find your way around the city. They are plates with street names transliterated into latin letters, signposts to the main sightseeing objects: architectural monuments, museums, churches etc, stands with a map of the city and information signs at the architectural monuments of Lviv.

Tourist signs were introduced since 2010. Development and production were done in the framework of the Neighbourhood project "Development of Tourist Information Infrastructure in Lviv City", with financial support of the European Union.

In the development process such requirements were put:

Understandable. The biggest problem faced by foreign visitors to Lviv is their inability to read the Cyrillic alphabet.  It is, therefore, imperative that a system of transliteration be introduced into the development of signage for tourists in the city.

Signs should be easily and quickly legible to drivers, cyclists, people with sight impairment, people in wheelchairs, in cloudy weather, at dusk, and during dark periods of the day.

Compatible. The rich and varied architectural environment of Lviv is its most precious and important asset, attracting tourists from all over the world to the city.  This is precisely why a system for tourist signage should not dominate nor be dissonant with it.  All of the elements of a tourist signage system should, on the one hand, be friendly to the environment, but on the other, able to compete with other signs and advertisements that are situated on building facades and themselves interfere with the historical environment.

All elements of the tourist signage system, in particular pictogram systems, colour schemes, translation and transliteration into foreign languages should relate to world standards for signage to enable foreign tourists to easily understand them.

Sustainable. Long-lasting  Elements of the Tourist Signage System should be weather resistant, especially in conditions of fluctuations in temperature or high humidity; they should be easy to clean and maintain, and be sturdy and resistant to acts of vandalism.

Signs should be inexpensive to produce in small quantities. According to statistical research conducted by the Tourism Information Centre, the proportion of domestic tourists to foreign tourists is 60 to 30 percent.


Street plates with names and numbers

Street plate Lviv





Plates with street names should first and foremost be functional elements of the city environment and they should relay precisely the information a person needs. These plates are mainly located in the central part of the city and placed at the crossroads.


Signposts Lviv








These signposts are located at the intersection of the main tourist routes and indicate the direction of the main Lviv sightseeing objects: architectural monuments, museums, churches etc. A hundret of such signs were instaled in the city. On the signposts are also placed icons of the object for better visual perception.

crossroads signpost Pidvalna str. Lviv


Information pylons

Information pylon Lviv

indication of location Lviv

Most tourist attractions are concenrated in the small 
central part of the city. In order to provide more 
information on the objects special two-sided pylons 
with the indication of location and directions to key 
destinations have been developed.

Most tourist attractions are concenrated in the small central part of the city. In order to provide more information on the objects special two-sided pylons with the indication of location and directions to key destinations have been developed.

Information pylon  Kropyvnytskiy square Lviv