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Is Lviv a safe city?

Despite the military aggression, which is in the east of Ukraine, Lviv remains a safe city.

Is Lviv a safe city to visit and live for toursits? The short answer is: yes, generally. Common sense tourist safety rules are no different in Ukraine than in other countries of Europe. Today in Ukraine faces a complicated situation connected with military aggression of our eastern neighbor, high terrorist attacks throughout Ukraine. Despite this Lviv remains safe city for foreign and Ukrainian tourists till today Recently throughout Ukraine take places wrong calls of laying explosives or terrorist acts of the important administrative facilities, the majority of crimes are revealed as soon as possible, criminals are detained and brought to justice. For the safety of residents and visitors of the city, streets are monitors by municipal group of the people, detected threats immediately reported to the police. Ultimately travellers need to exercise about the same amount of caution in Lviv as they would just about anywhere in Western Europe – maybe less. Watch your wallet, keep your passport somewhere safe.

Free trainings for activists of the security city center

Since February Lviv restored citywide patrol of the city. For all who want to take part started free training. Besides legal trainings also the will have psychological trainings. To become an activist of the Security Center City please register by calling the numbers: (032) 297-55-51; (032) 297-55-52.


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Emergency number    112







· Can I go to Lviv now?

There are no restrictions on travelling to Lviv. Lviv has an international airport called after „Danylo Halytski” with direct flights to European and other international destinations. The city is also connected by direct bus routes to many European cities.

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