• Toots LaVoy is the pen name of a retired business woman from Chicago,

    After one week doing walkabouts in Lviv, Ukraine, I gave up. I gave up when I could not find my way back to my rental flat and found myself in a huge public park surrounded by higher education students who just got out of classes. Remembered that the town square at Rynok at the administration entrance side has a train vehicle on rubber wheels that is called the "Wonder Train" and it accommodates many languages for its tours around the city. You bet I took the Wonder Train the next day and really got to see and hear about the city and to find out where I was in that park. After that informative tour in an enclosed/heated, transparent roof Wonder Train, I felt more confident and adventurous. Now, in my walkabouts the tourist maps and visitor book I bought make much more sense and improved my memory about locations of many wonderous (pun intended) sites, art works, restaurants, museums and those refreshing coffee/sweet cake places all around the town.