• Aleksandr Svarovski, "SWARCO" company administration member

    I glory in the fact that we have won the tender and I am glad because of it. We are likely to be obliged to the experience, equipment and technology of our company. It is a beginning of good collaboration, that will be long-term as I hope, since our strategy is to be reliable and long-term partners for a client, for Lviv in this case. As an Austrian I see Lviv as a peculiar gate to Ukraine, to the Ukrainian market.

  • Don King, the famous boxing promoter during

    "I have experienced and saw many things during my trip, but people are the most remarkable of all of them. In Lviv, I met with ordinary people in parks and on the streets. Perhaps, they are not wealthy, but they continue to work for the wellbeing of their city ... Now every time I am in Lviv, I will not say what the city can do for me, but on the contrary, what I can do for Lviv".

  • Michel Platini, UEFA President

    "I am very pleased to be in this wonderful city. Lviv has already been selected as the host city of the Euro 2012 Championship, now the task is to be brought to the end. "

  • Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark

    "When I was walking in the city, I felt comfort and safety. Definitely, Lviv is a friendly city for visitors. Lviv has a great future as a tourist centre of the country".

  • Toots LaVoy is the pen name of a retired business woman from Chicago,

    Get real serious about your kava at Svit Kawy (World of Coffee). As is the European custom, drink the coffee, eat a cake, bun, biscuit, or anything delectable on the menu. I had some fresh, delicious multi-fruited poundcake with a cup of Americano, black. Take some moments to refresh with or without companions. You will find this superior spot with its extensive coffee menu (as well as beans to go) in the courtyard between the Chapel and Latin Cathedral. Oh, the zen of it all!

  • Toots LaVoy is the pen name of a retired business woman from Chicago

    Lviv, Ukraine artists' market is open every day of the week (rain, sleet or snow even) on a piece of open land about one-half block from the right side of the Opera House. Some of the vendors and one permanent art gallery/shop across the street from this market have very interesting dolls without faces. On the heads of the dolls where the faces should be painted /sewn, are colorful ribbon applications in non-parallel designs. The dolls are colorful and each different from the other. Truly, these dolls are unique. Found out that the purposes of the dolls are the protection of new babies as they sleep in their new home cradles. The fabrics and other accessories on each doll demonstrate the artistic eye of each artisian who carries on this lovely Ukraine tradition.