Guided tours in Lviv

Each city has its own history and identity. Lviv is an ancient city, a city - museum, every corner of which is hiding a secret.

Lviv can offer something special for a visitor in any season. While taking a tour you can experience how each era has left its mark on the cities appearance.

You can choose from a large selection of tours of any taste. It can be individual or group, day or night, city or countryside, gastronomic or thematic. You will have the opportunity to discover Lviv in all its beauty and diversity.

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sightseeing tours, LvivSightseeing tours

Routs of sightseeing tours usually go through the streets of medieval city, famous Rynok Sq., avenues and streets filled with history. You will see all major attractions of Lviv.

Bus tours, LvivBus tours

The main advantage of sightseeing bus tours is that you can take it in any weather. From the bus window you will explore the historical sites and buildings. You can also choose a convenient language.

Pidhoretski castleOut of Lviv tours

Take a day to explore the region of Lviv, which has a rich history and beautiful nature.

night guard, LvivThematic tours

Here you can find tours for the guests who are familiar with the classic tours around Lviv.

Cycling tours, LvivCycling tours

  You can see much more of Lviv while cycling and at the same time get satisfaction from the process. Lviv is known as the cycling capital of Ukraine, make sure while exploring Lviv by bicycle.

gastronomic tours, LvivGastronomic tours

Lviv is a city that has its taste. Who haven't heard about Lviv's coffee, chocolate, beer, pastries and galician cuiseen? Find out more about them at one those tours.


Each city is endowed with its own history and identity. Lviv - the ancient city, the city - history, city - a museum town, as if hiding in every corner of a secret. Lviv unique in any season. Winter or summer, autumn or spring, even the most demanding visitor of the city, can find themselves a corner where will feel the unique atmosphere of the old city and good. While visiting the tour you can see how each era has left its mark on the history of the city. In Lviv, you will be able to feel the spirit of the city, experience the unusual atmosphere and ancient traditions. Large selection of attractions for all tastes, individual or group, day or evening, city and country, gastronomic and thematic tours give you the opportunity to experience history in all its beauty and grandeur. From now  you can be able to choose or book your own tour at