Chashka&Pliashka Bar

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New conceptual establishment in the heart of Lviv, which has enriched the bar culture of our city with its craft infusions and signature cocktails. The infusion-making technology was owned by a private distiller who crafted them upon the request of Kiev and Lviv Freemasons. The bar offers 24 varieties of infusions and 12 signature cocktails.

The main concept of the establishment is the fusion of the past and the present. The founders of the bar explain that this space brings together the 18th and 21st centuries. The restored historical ceiling masonry, which is over 300 years old, symbolizes the portal between the past and the present. Here you will find unexpected elements in the interior: the walls depict Ivan Franko, Taras Shevchenko, and Lesya Ukrainka.

These prominent writers are portrayed in modern attire, which is the founders' imagination of how these remarkable individuals could have looked on the streets of contemporary Lviv.

The absolutely new concept and original idea of the Chashka&Pliashka Bar will impress even the most discerning guest. If you raise your glass to Franko or Shevchenko, these distinguished gentlemen will toast you with pleasant baritones. Additionally, there is a painting here that comes to life if you look at it closely. The character in the painting sings, shouts slogans, and interacts with the bar's guests.

The Chashka&Pliashka Bar undoubtedly deserves your attention!


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