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Where to buy Easter bread and Easter basket

Diana Horodnytska



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We are all eagerly awaiting the greatest spring holiday - Easter. The most important dish of this holiday is Easter bread (Paska). Every year, while preparing for Easter, every housewife starts baking Paska, filling the house with warmth and coziness. The recipe for Easter bread is different in every family and usually passed down from generation to generation.

To try something new and diversify your festive table, we have prepared a list of pastry shops where you can order the most delicious Easter bread (Paska) in Lviv.

The SHOco bakery 

Аccepts orders for soft and tender classic Easter bread (Paska) - panettone.

  • The Paska is made from Italian flour with the addition of candied fruits, raisins, and vanilla.
  • There is also Paska made from Italian flour with a crackling layer based on almond flour and almond nuts, filled with vanilla cream and caramel.
  • Additionally, Paska with citrus curd made from lemon and orange juice is available.

Orders are accepted for April 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th.

For every sold Easter bread, the SHOco pastry shop donates 25 UAH to charity. Pre-orders can be made on their website.

Guculy Bakery

The bakery department operating based on the Hutsul Yard restaurant has been in operation for more than 5 years!

This pastry shop is capable of winning the heart of every customer because they create delicious, quality, and natural products! Guculy Bakery cherishes traditions, so all their recipes have been tested for years, and each product is made with boundless love!

They offer 5 variations of Easter bread, which are beautiful both inside and out!

Each Paska is available for ordering in two sizes and with or without raisins, so everyone can find the perfect one for themselves. Pre-orders can be made on their website.


Якщо хтось запитає, з чого тут почалася солодка історія, то пригадають наших бабусь, котрі за будь-яких обставин прагнули наповнити дні затишком і красою. Навіть коли єдиною доступною розкішшю був запах домашньої випічки, а тим паче пасочки.

Вже розпочато прийом замовлень до Великодня, де в мені на вас очікують:

  • легендарні домашні
  • паски
  • пухкі крафіни
  • макаруни-яєчка

Більш детальніша інформація для вас за посиланням.

Mazorini Bakery

Mazorini Bakery has a good reputation among locals and tourists who are looking for high-quality and tasty products. This bakery uses only the best ingredients and preserves traditional methods of making paska. In addition, Mazorini Bakery offers a variety of paska variations, including the classic paska with natural orange peel, dried cherries, and raisins, as well as decorated paska for children with Easter gingerbread cookies.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and tasty paska in Lviv, "Mazorini Bakery" can be a great option for you.

Pre-orders can be made at the link.

Bakery "Zhyvyi Khlib" 

Takes orders for Easter paska and panettone. Paska is baked on classic wheat sourdough with raisins, with decoration or without it.

One of the most unique products of the bakery is panettone made on Levito Madre sourdough, which is grown according to an ancient Italian recipe. The process of making panettone together with sourdough takes as long as 8 days. It is precisely the prolonged fermentation process that gives panettone a special delicate, moist, and fibrous structure, which is impossible to resist before every bite.

You can order paska by following the link.

The educational-practical center of culinary arts and catering

Offers its Easter cakes at affordable prices. For the celebration of Christ's Resurrection, the establishment offers delicious and tender cakes of their signature baking.

Prices for the cakes are:

  • 100 grams - 30.00 UAH,
  • 200 grams - 55.00 UAH,
  • 320 grams - 75.00 UAH,
  • 500 grams - 100.00 UAH.

Orders can be made by phone: +380979224699.

Гарні Люди

Камерний сімейний ресторан для проведення часу з найближчими людьми, назва якого вже у собі закладає цінності закладу. І теж цьогоріч має на меті зробити ваш ідеальний Великодній день з близькими і теплом на душі.
Адже передзамовлення пасочок відкрито:

  • Класична паска — 510 грн
  • Паска з лимонним курдом — 540 грн

Для передзамовлення пасочок пишіть в direct або телефонуйте за номером:
+38 (096) 862-64-64

One important attribute of Easter is the Easter basket. It is important for any hostess to have a well-presented basket that is nicely filled. We offer a restaurant where you can order a ready-made Easter basket.

Restaurant "Valentino"

Prepares festive baskets every year for the holidays, and this year is no exception. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to temporarily displaced persons.

The festive basket includes:

  • home-style Easter bread (600 g),
  • cream butter (150 g),
  • homemade cheese (300 g),
  • colored boiled eggs (6 pcs),
  • beets with horseradish (250 g),
  • baked homemade sausage (450 g),
  • smoked loin (600 g),
  • liver pate (300 g),
  • horseradish (3 pcs),
  • salt, herbs, and candle.

The cost of the basket is 2800 UAH, and the total weight is 2.8 kg.

In addition, Restaurant "Valentino" will also be baking traditional Easter bread:

home-style Easter bread (600 g) for 220 UAH and home-style Easter bread (350 g) for 160 UAH. You can order baskets and Easter bread on Instagram or by phone at +38 (097) 235-67-77.


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