Exhibition project by Yulia Dolynska and Marian Pirozhko "Creation of the World"

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From January 20 to February 20, the Frank House will host an exhibition project by Yulia Dolynska and Marian Pirozhko, The Creation of the World.

This installation event is specially designed for the Franko House and is jinxed to the work of its owner, The Creation of the World. However, the concept is based on the leitmotifs of three carols: "Oh, how it was from the descendants of the World," "Oh, long ago, long ago," and "Glorious."

\The oldest variant of the carol "Oh how it was from the descendant of the World" refers to the creation of the world by demiurge birds, i.e., we observe a certain cosmogony in which the beginning of everything is the World Tree. Following the development of changes in the text of the carol, we see the gradual adaptation of old chthonic beliefs to the then modern Christian content. The theme of Marian Pirozhko's "Sacred Herbarium" continues here, closely intertwined with the Christmas carols. Carols are like sacred cosmopolitan songs that have much in common with the world's traditional heritage. It is a metaphorical reverse evolution from the sustainable celebration of Christmas to the proto-foundations. The exhibition will also feature some artifacts from the collection of Ivan Franko himself, for which we are grateful to the owner of this house! The project opens with a festive panel by Yulia Dolynska "The Spirit of Christmas", consisting of nine paintings from the series "Colorful Valley, Colorful Mountain", dedicated to the Spirits of Christmas: The First Spirit is Acquisition, the Second Spirit is Music, and the Third Spirit is Travel. The whole event will be accompanied by carols performed by the Pie and the Whip. For Koliada unites us, and the enemies will be astonished! Glory to all who have defended and are defending our Motherland!

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