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On February 3, at 5 pm, the Les Kurbas Theater will host a performance of "Cross Paths".

"Crossroads is one of the most famous texts by Ivan Franko. The story was written at the intersection of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and its themes and issues mirror the realities of contemporary Ukraine, as well as the spiritual and social reflections of our current society. The story centres on Ukrainian lawyer Yevhen Rafalovych, who, in the circumstances of the difficult socio-political situation in Polish Galicia, lives through the psychological drama of a man of action, a man of deeds, who strives for social change.

Rafalovych's life path unexpectedly intersects with his high school teacher Valerian Stalsky, his former love Regina, and the half-mad Baran. These are the four characters that director Ivan Urivsky singles out in his play to explore the personal drama of each in a complex knot of events and relationships. By bringing Franko's large-scale text to life on stage, the director emphasizes visual images and plastic scenes.

Theatre award for Best Dramatic Performance (2019).

Вистава «Перехресні стежки»
Вистава «Перехресні стежки»

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