23 September




A story about a French family where the husband and wife lost each other due to constant lies. In order to win back her beloved, Marianne (the wife) decides to adopt a child and, nine months after their separation, she sends a letter to her husband informing him that they have a son. Etienne, who always dreamed of having children, is willing to forgive everything and forget all the arguments. He returns home, but at the most inconvenient moment, a caretaker from the orphanage arrives and demands the child back. To somehow save the situation, the wife dares to substitute the child with another one, and circumstances unfold in such a way that Etienne sees two children at the same time... Everyone who was present, including their friends and the maid Zoé, was involved in this deception. It is Zoé who narrates this story in one of Lviv's restaurants. Please note!

The play will take place at the following address: 10 Galitska Street (DeMandzharo Restaurant, 2nd floor).

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