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17 June - 20 July

Lviv Address

Bright, Creative Program for 9 Rotations at URURU Amusement Park. Each Week is Unique!

For the second time, Fox Mykyta is hosting a summer camp for children aged 6-12 at the URURU territory and beyond.

Fox Mykyta's camp is not just a place for children to relax; it's a vacation filled with wild ideas. Thanks to a small number of children per animator, kids are guaranteed not only entertainment but also personal growth. Each day is dedicated to a different theme: from NASA to Hutsul weddings, from water relaxation to rock climbing, from farm days to etiquette and manners during lunch at the castle.

In addition to a rich and carefully planned program that keeps children engaged and interested throughout the day, five-course hot meals are offered from the restaurant on the URURU premises. Quality transportation ensures the safe transportation of children, and the team consists of highly qualified specialists who pay attention to each child and create a caring and development-friendly atmosphere.

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Parents will have the peace of mind knowing that daily transportation for children from all areas of Lviv to the activity location (URURU or off-site excursions) will be available. In the morning, animators will pick up your little ones before the start of the workday (approximately 8:20, depending on the location in Lviv), and in the evening, they will return after its completion (approximately 19:40). Your child is guaranteed to have a sea of impressions, and you can rest assured as you receive a photo report throughout the day, allowing you to attend to your own affairs.

Fox Mykyta has over 10 years of experience in the educational services sector. Countless positive reviews and official documentation confirm their reliability. The safety of children is our top priority. Over the years, we have organized more than 3000 children's parties and quests, nurtured over 200 children in the Fox's Children's Space, and held unforgettable summer camps with over 100 children.

At Fox Mykyta's Camp, we believe that your children deserve the best summer vacation that they will remember for a lifetime. That's why our day camp aims not only to provide entertainment but also to foster full-fledged development in a safe, educational, and exciting atmosphere.

For more information, visit the website.


From Fox Mykyta's Camp, you can expect:

  • Full Day Outdoor Activities: Each day begins with energetic adventures and activities in the spacious amusement park or on off-site excursions. Collaborating with URURU ensures access to a plethora of entertainment activities, allowing your children to enjoy every minute.


  • Program Variety: From STEM discoveries to artistic experiments, the diversity of the program guarantees that your child will find something interesting and exciting here. With over 10 years of experience in the educational field, a program has been created to stimulate each child's development in a unique way.


  • Exclusivity and Child Focus: The camp is not just a place for children to relax; it's a unique community where each participant receives special attention. With a ratio of 1 animator to 7 children, we guarantee that your child will receive not only entertainment but also personal growth.


  • Convenience for Parents: Your time is precious, so the founders strive to make your child's participation in the camp as convenient as possible for you

  • Communication and Individual Approach: Your wishes are a priority. The founders are always open to communicating with you and ready to listen to your wishes and requests. They adapt alongside you to provide the best experience for your child.
  • Join the community where every day is a new adventure and unforgettable emotions for your child! Your child deserves only the best, so let's make this summer the best of their life!"

When? Throughout the entire summer, starting on June 17th.

Where? URURU Amusement Park @ururu_park

How much? 1 session per week: 10,500 UAH

Participants' age: From 6 to 12 years old.

Call: +380 (68) 252 1366



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