Where to eat out


Where to eat out

  • Pizza Celentano

    Pizzeria "Pizza Celentano" on the Rynok Square - very cozy and democratic restaurant, which is conveniently located in the city center.

  • Trout, Bread and Wine

    “Trout, Bread and Wine” offers Lviv’s municipal history along with delicious food and excellent wine.

  • Lviv Galician Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery

    First city bakery of syrnyks (galician cheesecakes) and strudels “Lvivski plyatsky” – a place, where you come by its smell and leave with the most delicious memories.

  • Kawalerka cafe

    Welcome to “Kawalerka! It’s cozy and comfortable here! Everything in "Kawalerka" – from the interior to the food and drinks – the whole menu is created for romantic dates and not only, since the very title comes from Galician dialecticism "to cavalier" – to flirt, to go out on a date, to meet.

  • Dynamo Blues

    Restaurant Dynamo Blues almost for 10 years remains the best Steak House in Lviv.

  • Restaurant: «Yevropa» (Europe)

    The restaurant is located on one of the central streets of Old Lviv.

  • Galician Jewish Restaurant-Tavern "Pid Zolotoyu Rozoyu" (Beneath the Golden Rose)

    This is perhaps the only tavern in Ukraine where there are no listed prices. Here, you can actually haggle over your final bill.

  • Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    The first Museum-Restaurant in Ukraine!

  • Cafeteria «Mlunetz»

    Cafeteria «Mlunetz» - a place where gourmets enjoy sweet pancakes! Only in the Cafeteria «Mlunetz» can not only enjoy the taste - pancakes made of buckwheat, wheat and others flour, but also the skill of cooking. For a bar barman krep'ye demonstrate how preparing a pancake on your order and creating a subtle baking cakes with different fillings.

  • Bookstore-cafe "Lviv manufacture"

    Besides the unique variety of coffee and original zests the bookshop-café also proposes true Ukrainian literature to the visitors.

  • Korzo Pub

    The real Irish pub

  • Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Somewhere in the subterranean vaults of the Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square), you can come upon a basement tavern, designed to look like a kryyivka (underground bunker) Kryyivkas were used by partisan soldiers enlisted in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. But, you need to pronounce the password if you want to get in...

  • Kupol (Dome)

    Plunge into the old-time atmosphere of Lviv by visiting the «Kupol» restaurant.

  • Masoch Café

    A café which will plunge you into the strange world of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

  • Medivnia (Honey Brew)

    This restaurant is situated in an ancient stone building which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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