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Baczewski restaurant

  • Address:Shevska street, 8
    Phone:098 224 44 44
  • Baczewski family and their creation – Baczewski vodka – are the main characters of cheerful Lviv back in the golden times of 1920-1930-es, when our city was a casino capital, and the local variety shows and cabaret were like a honeypot for the wealthy from all over Europe. Baczewski factory was established in 1782 and was the first factory to launch the mass production of vodka in the world.

    A community of good taste Kumpel Group brings the legend back to Lviv. Vodka, production of which was set aside to Vienna during the World War II is available for purchase in Lviv again since 2013 at “Kumpel” and “Darwin” restaurants. Moreover, a whole new restaurant dedicated to Baczewski family history and Lviv legends about times when the family conquered the world with their products opened its doors in the centre of Lviv in 2015. There you may eat modern Galician cuisine and drink the biggest veriety of homemade liqeuers and bitters in the city. From 8 AM till 11 AM there is all inclusive breakfast (all dishes you want in any amount, water, juce, tea, coffee, glass of champaign or vodka included) for only 80 UAH (3 EUR) per adult or for 40 UAH per child (kids younger than 8 for free).


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