The Palace of Bielskis

  • Address:42 Kopernyka Street
  • The Palace of Bielskis is the most characteristic example of Lviv's classicistic Art Nouveau.

    The building was designed by architect Ivan Bahensky and constructed in 1923 for the family of Bielski magnates. The palace has two storeys with a mezzanine and a risalita in the right part. The composition of the main facade is asymmetric, being skilfully blended into the inclined relief. The main portico is emphasized by the vertical line of Corinthian columns which support the attic balustrade. The palace is located deep within the land plot and surrounded by a metal fence.

    In post-war years the House of Teachers was situated in the Palace of Bielskis. Since 1958 the Polish Folk Theatre in Lviv has been staging its performances here.

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