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Халяльна їжа у Львові

Lviv is an ancient city in Eastern Europe. It enchants with its centuries-old architecture, attracts with its unique flavors of coffee and chocolate and surprises with unexpected rains. Of course, the city is famous for its cuisine, which represents the traditions of  Galicia (Halychyna). Representatives of different peoples of the world have always lived in Lviv. The memory of these peoples is preserved in the dishes of their national cuisines, which are served in local restaurants.

Today, Lviv welcomes guests from the Middle East. We are happy to see so many sincere smiles on the streets of our city, and we want to see them even more! That is why we have prepared a list of places where you can taste traditional halal food in Lviv.

And before we start, it is interesting to know that, according to Lviv Imam Murat Suleimanov, almost all chicken in local supermarkets is halal.

Beirut Hall

  • 5 Pekarska St. | 10:00–23:00 | +38 097 060 55 45 
  • Victoria Gardens | 10:00–22:00 | +38 096 741 15 78

It is a location of Lebanese cuisine, situated in the heart of Lviv. It's really easy to find the place as far as the flavor of herbs and fresh spices is felt before you reach the cafe. Lebanese cuisine is famous for its wide range of dishes with meat and vegetables grilled purely with olive oil, so the food is not only tasty, but also healthy. Plus, who doesn't love real eastern sweets? The connoisseurs of goodies can find a lot of dainties in the Beirut Hall for themselves.



Sultan Mangal (former Multi Kulti)

26 Nyzhankivskoho St. | 09:00–22:00 | + 38 097 889 71 53

Discover real Turkish cuisine in Lviv. Believe us, it is very tasty here. The place is located almost in the heart of the city. Taste lamb kebabs and chops or grilled vegetables. The restaurant also serves home-baked bread. The portions here are really large, and salads are added to the dishes. Come for quality service and a cozy atmosphere.


Doner lab

6/7 Mitskevycha Sq. | 10:00–02:00 | +38 097 555 45 70

A Turkish restaurant that focuses on making delicious kebabs. Over time it only gets better. Just look at the interior, which conveys the quiet coziness and warm light of the home. Meat dishes for every taste in the heart of the city. You will definitely appreciate the unique color and harmony of traditional Turkish cuisine.



39 Franka St. | 08:30–21:00 | +38 096 303 15 03

Want fresh pastries? Then visit the Turkish bakery Bülki. Every day there is fresh Turkish pastries: a variety of simites, bread, cookies, pita bread, baguettes, rolls and much more. Jams should be singled out! Here they are with pieces of fruit! A wide selection of flavors that will successfully emphasize the taste of crispy pastries.


Still hungry? Want more interesting restaurants in Lviv? Look for them here!


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