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Modern technologies have become a familiar feature in experiencing our cultural heritage. Theatre and music performances are by their very nature “immersive”, and it is only one step from the physical to the virtual experience. Auralisation, the technique of creating virtual soundscapes in 3D models that mirror the exact same sound environment as the real venue takes a listener to a concert or an opera in a virtual environment, move around in the space and experience how architecture influences sound and allow to find out what that same concert sounds like in another venue. 

With the project AURA, music and opera houses in Berlin, Florence and Lviv supported by tech and marketing partners strive to tap into the potentials that auralisation opens up for music performing arts and establishments. Three use cases will show auralisation experiences with 3D-models of the music venues, creating perfect replica and producing exciting new ways of experiencing music. A guideline for the auralisation of virtual spaces will be compiled for organisations and artists that plan to auralise cultural venues, using the models and best practice examples created with AURA as demonstrations for different conditions. Moreover, the partnership will develop business and marketing strategies for the sustainable use of auralisation.

AURA will reach out to the European music community with its offers, thus fostering the innovative spirit of their art directors, conductors and musicians, as well as empowering their CTOs, their marketing staff, their service suppliers, their funding and sponsoring agents. The bridge to new technologies will offer a wide range of opportunities of building new audiences, new business models, new performance practices, exciting new aural experiences. In doing so, AURA creates a model for cross-sectoral collaboration to foster creativity, to promote European heritage in new ways and to demonstrate European excellence in the world of music.

The project started on 2021, January.


BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH


HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Concert Hall Berlin
University of Florence
Vie en.ro.se. 
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Tourist Development Centre of the City of Lviv 

For further details, please visit the official website at: http://aura-project.eu


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