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Citizens and internally displaced people may get psychological support in Lviv

Psychologists from the City Center for Social Services, Religious Communities and NGOs will provide free counseling to anyone who needs help. Both, residents of the city and people, who come to Lviv from other regions due to the tense situation in Ukraine will be able to apply for psychological support.

“Social services have noticed that during recent events many adults, children, and especially the elderly developed an increased level of anxiety. Since alarming rumors can be heard from everywhere this is not surprising at all. People talk about Russia's aggression everywhere: in transport, in shops, on television etc. The situation is tense. Sometimes people can't control themselves and cope with anxiety or panic. And we should help them get through this difficult time" - said Alla Horbach, director of the City Center of Social Services.

The work of this "psychological service" is coordinated by Lviv City Center of Social Services, located at 10 Teatralna St. Also, people are able to call the Hotline, if necessary. The Hotline already operates on the basis of the institution at 0 800 307 305. In case of aggravation of the situation, the Hotline will work in an enhanced mode.

The psychologists and psychotherapists of the city, who have joined the initiative, are developing a plan of coordination assistance.

"Keep in mind that informational disorientation is the enemy's goal. We encourage you to read only verified official informational channels. And keep calm and have a cold head” - the workers Center of Social Services added.


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