Municipal Theatre

    Address:36 Horodots'ka str.
    Phone:(032) 233-31-88
    Fax:(032) 233-31-85
  • The theatre was founded on the basis of efficient Western leadership in January, 2008.

    From the very start, the actors began working on dramas dealing with military themes.

    The theatre has started a new phase of activities: it constantly strives to widen its horizons, discover other genres, and combine plastic arts with tango dancing.

    The most popular productions are: "Nelehalka" (Illegal Alien) by A. Krym, "Duzhe Prosta Istoriya" (A Very Simple Story) by M. Lado, "Koliory" (Colours) by P. Arye, "Lyubov do…" (Love for….) by A. Nikolai, and "Vypadkove Tanho" (Unexpected Tango) by V. Ayim.

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