International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival

  • August 11-14, 2017 Lviv will be hosting the 2nd International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival. This festival will bring together Ukrainian Folk dancers and dance enthusiasts from around the world.

     The Festival aim is to showcase the richness and diversity of Ukrainian dance, music and song, cherished and promoted by the Ukrainian diaspora across the globe

     Throughout the history, the diaspora has greatly contributed – financially, ideologically and emotionally - to the long-standing fight for Ukraine’s true Independence. Our brothers and sisters around the world have just as much Ukrainian essence in them as do we, living here in Ukraine. We believe that by being open and welcoming to all those who see Ukraine as the ‘Home Country’, we’ll unite Ukrainians from around the world into a powerful and impactful nation. Ukrainian culture and art are the universal means that we want to use to once again re-unite various generations of our compatriots.

     The Festival Program includes:

    August 12 – Festival Performance on the main stage in Rynok Square

    August 13 – Dance competition & showcase in Shevchenkivsky Hai

    August 14 – Closing Ceremonies and Gala Concert at the Solomiya Krushel’nytska Lviv National Academic Opera Theatre.

     The International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival is organized by the Ukrainian Dance World Community, Cobblestone Freeway Tours (Canada), Nadiya Art Agency (Canada), Chudo Tour Ltd. (Ukraine).

    Festival site – 


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