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The 4th City Holiday “Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv”

  • 25-26 September Rynok (Market) Square
    (032) 294 96 44;
  • Lviv have always been famous as a city of cafes. It is well-known fact that in 1683 man from Ukrainian Galicia Franc-Yuriy Kulchytskyi founded a first coffee house in Vienne and one of the first in Europe called – «Hof zur Blauen Flasche».

    Since then, due to the fact that Yuriy Kulchytskyi was born on the territory of Lviv region or that the coffee drinking tradition came to Lviv so soon, and got accustomed here, but Lviv became famous as a coffee capital of Galicia.

    Since autumn 2007 Lviv coffee culture is being promoted by city coffee festival. During the festival everyone can make a tour in Lviv coffee houses that take part in festival competition and try “festive” coffee.

    In this days all participating cafés prepare exclusive coffee with special sorts and recipes to create a real feast of the world favorite drink.

    Culmination of the festival will be coffee tour of coffee King and Queen who will itinerate in Lviv coffee houses, savour coffee and then proclaim the winner of Coffee Festival – best coffee house in Lviv.

    The fest will be accompanied with other attractions – coffee and coffee plates and dishes fair, presentations of history and traditions of the drink, retro music and jazz concert.

    Welcome to Lviv! We’ll find a special coffee and a cosy café to delight everyone!

    Programme of the festival

    Friday, September, 25
    18:00 – start of the itineration of coffee King and Queen
    18:00 – 20.00 – Pavlo Tabakov and Vita Orchestra
    20:00 – performance of one of the oldest Lviv Jazz band “Dzyga Jazz quartet”
    21:00 – Evening coffee films

    Saturday, September, 25

    12:00 – start of the itineration of coffee King and Queen
    12:00 – Master Class  of the famous coffee preparing expert Luigi Luppi in “Bianco Rosso pasteria” restaurant.  
    12:30 – 15:00 – Coffee and children program of the day
    15:00  - bartender championship
    17:30 – 20:00 – Mark Tokar Jazz Band
    20:00 – Finnish-Ukrainian  drama play “Cellophane”
    21:30 – Evening coffee films

    Sunday, Spetember, 26   

    12:00 - start of the itineration of coffee King and Queen
    12:30  - 16:30 – Coffee and children program of the day
    18:00 – award of the coffee houses winners in nominations
    19:00 – chaber orchestra “Virtuosy” concert 
    20:30 – Evening coffee films

    Main events will take place in the yard of city hall.

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