Weekend in Lviv for 0 UAH.

  • You think that visiting Lviv is expensive and you can’t afford it? Or maybe you want to spend your time interesting, but spend as little money as possible? Lviv is a perfect place for you! Here you can find the optimal two-day itinerary in Lviv that will cost you nothing*.

    Day 1

    09.00 – enter Tourist Informational Center (Rynok square, 1, southwestern side of the square)  and take a free city map.

    09.20 – go out to the Rynok sq. Here you can find free wi-fi spots. Enter www.lviv.travel and download 2-hour mp3 tour around Lviv. 

    10.00 – Have a tour around city center for free. 

    12.00 – visit the highest point of Lviv “High Castle”.

    Despite the fact that many are waiting to see medieval castle, you will find only some ruins of Lviv defensive walls and a great observational point with the view on the whole city makes it worth going there. You also have the opportunity to climb so the called Bold Mountain (Lysa gora).

    15.00 – Lviv Galleries and antique shops overview

    Free galleries overview on Virmenska str. In Dzyga gallery you can find a new exhibition every 2 weeks. You can see photos, paintings, installations and performances of different kind. You can also visit “Zelena Kanapa” (Green sofa), “Mystecka ramarnia”, Something interesting (Shchos tsikave)Gary Bowman art gallery.

    16.00 – one of the places that is worth visiting is called Lviv Vernisage with wide range of souvenirs of all kinds: authentic and modern Ukrainian embroideries and embroidered shirts (blouses), paintings, jewellery and many other…  One more place to look for souvenirs is a souvenir shop in ethnographic museum (Under Lviv sitting Statue of Liberty). Selection is not as big as in Vernisage, but you can always find something special here…

    18.00 – Evening walk around Lviv

    Almost every week various open-air concerts that are always interesting and fun take place in Lviv. Salsa and Tango dance classes, fire-shows, performances and installations on evening Rynok sq. make you feel that you are really on vacation.

    Day 2

    10.00 – Walk around I.Franko park

    400 years ago this place was a part of town fields, but later this land became private property. At the end of XVI century, rich Lviv citizen Jan Sholtz-Wolfowitch founded a park here. It costed him 1600 gold coins. Later an Italian Antonio Massari, ambassador of Venice republic married his daughter and Massari made the park in Italian tradition. In 1855 the park became a town property again, and so it became one of the oldest municipal parks of Eastern Europe.

    11.00 – Walk around B. Khmelnytsky Culture and Leisure Park

    12.00 - Walk around Stryisky park (Parkova str., Stryiska str.)

    The biggest and the most beautiful park in Lviv is a favorite place for promenades. Here you will find a nice pond with swans and an artificial castle ruins.

    14.00 – a tour around Lviv churches

    Dominican cathedral, st. Andrew’s church, Сatholic cathedral, st. George’s cathedral, Armenian church and Boim chaple – you will be charmed with the greatness and uniqueness of this edifices, beauty of ensembles of temples that are real gems of not only Lviv, but also European architecture.

    16.00 – have a walk in Znesinnia park

    18.00 – evening of live music

    Lviv cafés and restaurants often host live music evenings, concerts of different kind, exhibitions and presentations…

    Also in the summer you can visit different festivals:

        -open-air KinoLev film festival

        - Leopolis Grand Prix

        - Alfa Jazz Fest

        - Night in Lviv Festival

        - street tango in Lviv

        - street plays

        - festivals every month

    * - Accommodation, dining and transportation are not included.


  • Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    The first Museum-Restaurant in Ukraine!

  • Museum of Ethnography and Arts and Crafts

    This is the oldest museum in our country; it presents a unique and remarkable collection of traditional objects of national culture and folk arts and crafts of the Ukrainian people.

  • Dzyga (Spinning Top)

    Terra dell’Arte of contemporary art for Ukrainian and - not only Ukrainian – artists.

  • The St. Onuphrius Church and Monastery

    The Greek Catholic Church and Basilian Monastery of Saint Onuphrius (36 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street), a monument of the 16-19th centuries, holds a significant place in Ukrainian history and culture.

  • The Cathedral of St. George

    The Greek Catholic Archbishop's Cathedral of Saint George - magnificent Rococo architectural ensemble dating back to the 18th century (comprising a church, bell tower, metropolitan's palace and capitulary buildings) located on the high hill over Lviv, beautifully blending into the urban landscape.

  • The Church of St. Nicholas

    The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas (28a Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street) is Lviv's oldest building representing an example of Ukrainian architecture of the 13th century.

  • The St. Paraskeva Pyatnytsya Church

    The 17th century Orthodox Church of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnytsya is an architectural monument of ancient Lviv combining the styles of Ukrainian, Moldovan and Western European art.

  • The Holy Trinity Church in Sykhiv

    The Holy Trinity Church in Sykhiv is the only wooden church in Lviv which has survived from the 17th century.

  • The Bernardine Monastery

    The Bernardine Monastery (now the Greek Catholic Church of St. Andrew) is an impressive monument in the Renaissance, Mannerism, and Baroque styles dating to1600-1630s. This is a fortified medieval monastery.

  • Church of St. Lazarus

    Church of St. Lazarus is built on a hill with monastery and hospital in the first half of the XVII century, surrounded with massive walls.

  • The Monastery Complex of the Discalced Carmelites

    The Monastery Complex of the Discalced Carmelites at 22 Vynnychenka Street, today the Greek Catholic Monastery of the Studite Order and Church of the Archangel Michael, is a religious building of the 17-19th centuries designed in the Baroque style with elements of Classicism.

  • The Latin Cathedral

    The Latin Cathedral presents a grand monument of the 14-18th centuries which harmoniously combines the architectural features of past epochs: Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

  • The Dominican Church

    The Dominican Church, now the Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist, is a magnificent monument of the late Baroque; it is adorned with original sculptures.

  • The St. Peter and Paul Church of the Jesuit Order

    The Sts. Peter and Paul Church of the Jesuit Order is a religious Baroque monument dating back to 1610-1630 and one of the largest churches in Lviv.

  • The Chapel of the Boim family

    The Chapel of the Boim family is a famous and very unique late Renaissance monument; it has no analogues, neither in Ukraine nor in the rest of Europe...

  • The Armenian Cathedral

    The Armenian Cathedral (14-15th centuries) is a unique monument of Eastern culture in Europe. It is a successful architectural combination of various styles: the typical Armenian sanctuary, the Romanesque-Gothic style of Western Europe, and the traditional Ukrainian Halychyna type.

  • Rynok Square

    Rynok Square has been the centre of political, public, cultural, and commercial life of the city for 500 years; it is the heart of Lviv, the setting of the historic beginning of the Europeanization of Ukraine. Surrounding it are about fifty unique architectural monuments dating back to the 16-20th centuries

  • Assumption Church

    Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Ukrainian center of spiritual life throughout the medieval history of the city.

  • Ivan Franko Park

    Ivan Franko Park (opposite the University building) is already four hundred years old. It is the oldest park in Lviv and Ukraine, and one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe.

  • Stryisky Park

    Stryisky Park (Parkova and Stryiska Streets) is the largest and most beautiful park in the city favoured by those who wish to go for a stroll. In this park you all find a wonderful pond with swans, a glassed greenhouse with tropical plants, and artificial castle ruins.

  • The High Castle Park

    The High Castle Park (Uzhhorodska and Knyazha Streets): an old shady park on the hill towering above the city, with ruins of an old castle, observation platform, and breathtaking sceneries