Where to eat out


Where to eat out

  • De Luxe night club

    We invite you to spend an unforgettable evening at the De Luxe cafe. Unsurpassed design in white and delicious hookah will allow you to relax from daily problems.

  • Club Split Lviv

    Club Split Lviv – is an elite establishment in the center of the city of Lviv.

  • Amadeus

    Restaurant "Amadeus" - elegance, classic and luxury of the ancient city!

  • Restaurant-museum "Seven pigs"

    Restaurant-museum "Seven pigs" is a place which gathered not only culinary heritage of the Ukrainian people, but also cultural. The unique style of the restaurant movies the visitor in fantastic wooden house, which was built without nails. Food and liquor prepared by authentic national recipes, passed inherited from generation to generation.

  • Baczewski restaurant

  • Panorama

    The «Panorama» restaurant is situated on the seventh floor of the Opera Hotel.


    MAFIA at Market Square can rightly be called the most cozy vacation spot!


    The first MAFIA restaurant in Lviv!

  • Holodnyi Mykola (Hungry Mykola)

    The largest Galician cuisine restaurant in the world will is located in suburban on Stryiska street. There is the place for goodies, fun, and loud parties, separated from the main hall. The only one left hungry – will be the “Hungry Mykola” himself.

  • Atlas

    "Atlas" - restored pre-war artistic tavern with the same name.

  • Kumpel

    This is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The beer is actually brewed on the premises, in the basement.

  • “Kumpel”

    Another venue of the well-known “Kumpel Group” network. The new venue named “Beer restaurant “Kumpel” is much larger and more spacious than existing restaurant in Mytna Square.

  • Smakolyk

    If you prefer healthy food, you are invited to our cafe "Smakolyk".

  • Vapiano

    Restaurant Vapiano is one of the 150 restaurants that delight their guests worldwide.

  • Restaurant - hotel complex "Medova pechera"

    Restaurant - hotel complex "Medova pechera" is an ideal place for your holiday or business meeting!

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