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Staryi Mayak (Tortuga)

  • Address:29 Pulyuya str.
    Phone:(032) 263-41-11
  • The club is designed in the pirate style with great attention given to even the smallest details.

    The "Tortuga" family recreation complex is happy to welcome you at any time!
    It opens at 11 a.m. as a comfortable pub-type café featuring pirate design, tasty food, quiet and pleasant music, interesting TV shows on a large 2x2 m screen, and hookah.
    At 10 p.m. it turns into a disco bar with popular music. R&B, Pop, 80s Disco and Rock-n-Roll hits are mixed into a cocktail flavoured with modern electronic rhythms and peppered with MC.

    A so-called "bull control" operates at the entrance. The club's original concept of a pirate schooner makes it stand out among all others.

    Monday: closed. The club does not work at night.
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: music cocktail.
    Sunday: entrance is free for women until 11 p.m.
    Friday: club day. Club parties (Techno, Progressive, Trance, Drum & Bass, Minimal etc.) are usually held on Fridays.

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