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    Address:1, Rymlyanyna str
    Phone:(032) 229-55-05; (050) 401-62-01
  • Restaurant-brewery "Starhorod" in Lviv - a large room for 400 people on two floors where you can drink fresh, live, fragrant, cool and very tasty beer. Restaurant designed in the tradition of European brewing, which is rare nowadays.

    You can try real live beer that is made by Czech recipes. Beer range represented a large number of varieties. And if you find Frantishyk Shvets (child of the Czech brewer, the representative of "the Prague Institute of Brewing"), you had to talk to the leader of the beer, the conversation will be very interesting.

    Song contest are held here every Monday, Saturday and Sunday. This is real competition between the teams for best singing and winners receive live Stargorod beer as a gift. On Friday held "Starhorod show", and every day of the sixth evening playing live music. And yet, in a restaurant, you can dance on the tables and chairs.

    You can also go on an excursion to the brewery, which is held every week day at 17.00 and where you can try real live Stargorodskiy beer.

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