Memorial Museum "Prison at Lontskoho Street"

    Address:1 Stepan Bandera str.
    Phone:(032) 247 42 20
    Work time9.00 - 19.00, Mon - Sun
  • Memorial Museum Dedicated to Victims of Occupational Regimes: «Tyiurma na Lontskoho» (Prison at Lontskoho Street).This museum can be found on the premises of a prison, where punishments were meted out by three occupational powers: Poland, the Soviet Union, and Germany. It is the first prison museum in Ukraine.

    The first memorial exhibit is situated on the first floor of the building, where the authentic appearance and conditions of the prison have been preserved; in fact, it has not undergone any major changes since it was occupied by political prisoners. 

    The exhibition was prepared by employees of the Research Centre for the Liberation Movement, and supported by the Security Services of Ukraine. Donations from Lviv citizens and other visitors are accepted to cover costs of the memorial opening and upkeep. 

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