Mykhaylo Hrushevsky State Memorial Museum in Lviv

    Address:154 Franka Street
    Phone:(032) 276-78-52
  • Mykhaylo Hrushevsky State Memorial Museum in Lviv. The museum is a modern historical and cultural institution with a large collection of relics that tell the story of life and creative and political work of the first President of Ukraine.

    The museum’s six exhibition halls characterize virtually all periods of life and colossal work of Mykhaylo Hrushevsky, but special emphasis is placed on covering Lviv period of the scientist’s life (1894-1914). This is quite understandable, since two most fruitful decades of the historian’s biography which he spent in Lviv deserve special attention. This period fully exposed Hrushevsky’s scientific talent as the founder and organizer of many Ukrainian institutions (Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society, The Literary and Scientific Herald, The Notes of Shevchenko Scientific Society), as a scientist, as a historical researcher, as a literary critic, and as the professor of Lviv University and author of such fundamental works as “The History of Ukraine-Ruthenia” and “The History of the Ukrainian Literature” as well as substantial research on the history of Ukraine, literature, ethnography, folklore, and sociology that has been highly recognized by scientists throughout the world.

    The pride of the collection are original editions of Mykhaylo Hrushevsky’s works, his photographs and letters, personal things belonging to him and the members of his family, periodicals, and a set of authentic documents. The garden planted by nine European presidents during the Summit of Heads of Eastern and Central European States in Lviv in May 1999 blossoms on the museum’s territory.

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