Melanka gallery

    Address:6, Lesi Ukrainky Str.
    Phone:067 706 36 47
    Work timeMonday - Saturday 11.00-18.00
  • Melanka Art is a gallery of modern art. The gallery presents small form art pieces - painting, enamel, author decorations, small plastic, ceramics and decorations.

    We present well known Ukrainian artists and talented young artists. The gallery also melanka Art Classes with painting on glass, iconography, painting and so on.

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    • Rodney Kincaid26.08.2017 03:55
      Kharkiv, Ukraine i want to bring On one 40 foot container and in this container I will have 250 works of art huge murals and wonderful art presentations and audiovisual that will be spectacular for you or museums and galleries ID 12 display for one month in your location and we will share the revenues 5050 THS of interest to you I think it will give you an exciting possibilities since I'm going to also show in Moscow at one of the major locations at the end of 2017 yesterdays painting
      i want to show my art in your city and we share the revenues for one month
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