Gallery of Modern Art "Zelena Kanapa" (Green Sofa)

    Address:7 Virmenska st.
  • The gallery organizes exhibits and projects that usually last three weeks. The gallery has a history of conceptual personal and group exhibitions and projects.

    Free admission on weekdays; 2 UAH on Saturday and Sunday.

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    • Michael Kostiuk09.01.2011 15:53
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      Everything is OK.
    • Michael Kostiuk09.01.2011 15:50
      I was looking for information about where my Ukranian grandfather had come from and came across this site. I enjoyed looking at the Green Sofa site. I was born in America in 1944 but now live in Yamaguchi City, Japan. I have been an artist since I was 5 years old.
      Nothing. Thank you.
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