Galician cuisine

    Looking for answers for a quastion "What kind Galician mentality is?" it is impossible to avoid such a determinative area of life, as cuisine, gastronomy and customs associated with dining.


    Today the development and popularization of Galician cuisine engaged in Lviv "Galician Club Kitchen" - an organization that aims to unite all stakeholders in the development of Galician gastronomy (restaurateurs, chefs, researchers, journalists, government officials, public figures) as a cultural phenomenon and a resource to facilitate tourist attraction in Galicia, regardless of the nationality of some of its land.


    List of places where you can taste real Galician cuisine:


  • Trapezna of Ideas

    Trapezna (refectory) of Ideas - permanent acting gastronomic and cultural project of the NGO "Museum of Ideas".

  • Kumpel

    This is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The beer is actually brewed on the premises, in the basement.

  • Kupol (Dome)

    Plunge into the old-time atmosphere of Lviv by visiting the «Kupol» restaurant.

  • Persha Kliasa restaurant

    Your attention fine dishes with a historical flavor.

  • Atlas

    "Atlas" - restored pre-war artistic tavern with the same name.

  • Pid Synioyu Plyashkoyu (Under the Blue Bottle)

    This small café can be found at the end of a long courtyard of an old building located on Rus’ka Street. A particular atmosphere dating back to the days of «Granny Austria» permeates the interior of the coffee shop.

  • "Kentavr" (Centaur)

    A cosy resturant located on Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square) in the centre of Lviv.

  • Lviv Galician Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery

    First city bakery of syrnyks (galician cheesecakes) and strudels “Lvivski plyatsky” – a place, where you come by its smell and leave with the most delicious memories.

  • Veronica

    The refined interior and excellent cuisine with a selection of sweets and pastries, cooked directly in the cafe, will ensure that your meeting by the coffee is not only delicious, but also very enjoyable.

  • Cukernia

    Confectionery has a wide range of natural coffee, brewed according to original recipes. Pastries and sweets that are served here, perfectly complements the bitter taste of coffee.

  • Strudel house

    Strudel House - author restaurant where the true art of Vienne pastry is born.