The Palace of Arts

    Address:17 Kopernyka Street
    Phone:032 2614733
    Work time10.00 - 17.00, Tue - Sun
  • The Palace of Arts is the place where the National Publishers Forum and other cultural events are held in Lviv

    The Palace of the Arts was opened in 1996 and is considered to be the largest exhibition hall in Ukraine.

    The Palace of the Arts is considered to be the largest exhibition hall in Ukraine. The surface occupied by all the exhibition halls totals 3.6 thousand sq. m. The Palace also boasts a Conference Hall seating 200 visitors, and a large stage and art-reception area.

    The Lviv Palace of the Arts has hosted numerous exhibits, from unknown artists representing different art movements, famous Ukrainian artists, and celebrated international creators.

    The palace was designed by architect V. Kamenshchyk and engineer V. Kulykovsky and constructed in 1996. This is the largest exhibition hall in Ukraine in terms of exposition area (3.6 thousand square metres). The facades were decorated by classicistic arcade loggias and a corner sculpture of the patron of artists Street Luke. Their authorship belongs to D. Krvavych, M. Posikira and L. Yaremchuk. The loggia facing Kopernyka Street is decorated with metal fencing made by the Association of Blacksmiths in 1998 in the tradition of old Lviv artistic crafts.

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