The Holy Trinity Church in Sykhiv

    Address:1a Sadybna Street
  • The Holy Trinity Church in Sykhiv is the only wooden church in Lviv which has survived from the 17th century.

    The wooden Church of the Holy Trinity was built long ago, when in 1654 the armyof Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky was approaching the city. Some historians assume that the Hetman himself supported the construction of the church. An example of Ukrainian sacred architecture of the 17th century, the church in Sykhiv is one of few in Western Ukraine to be famous for its wall-paintings.

    The church wall-paintings date back to 1683. The floral pattern incorporates the images of three military saints: Theodore of Tyrone, George, and Demetrius. Such a collection of saints reflects the heroic times when the wall-paintings were created. The warriors wear armour and hold spears and shields in their hands. The church interior is also adorned with many other wall-paintings depicting events from the Gospel.

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