The Palace of Dzieduszyckis

    Address:18 Teatralna Street
  • The Palace of Dzieduszyckis is a building of the 18th-19th centuries constructed in the style of Classicism.

    A great Lviv Maecenas, well-known zoologist, ethnographer and archeologist, descendant of a polonized noble Ukrainian family Count Wlodzimierz Dzieduszyckipurchased an abandoned 18th-century building in present-day Teatralna Street from the city in 1868. In early 19th century this house was rebuilt into a palace in pseudo-Classical style. The palace housed the Magistrate’s departments, though many thought that it was intended to be a museum.

    In 1870 the Count opened the Museum of Natural History here. Later it became one of the largest and most valuable natural history museums in Europe. Besides, one of the oldest mechanical lifts in Europe is installed in the building. In 1890 Dzieduszyckigranted the museum together with the house to the city.

    In the 80s of the last century a commission of architectural experts determined that the building required substantial restoration, which, as of now, has already been going on for more than twenty years. The restoration process is currently nearing its end.

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