The Palace of Turkull-Comellos

    Address:50a Pekarska Street
  • The Palace of Turkull-Comellos is one of the most interesting buildings of the first half of the 19th century in Lviv, erected in Venetian Neo-Gothic style.

    Deep in the Veterinary Academy’s park, facing opposite from the street, stands the palace of Counts Turkull-Comello built in 1830-1840s. The palace of Countess Felicia Comello used to stand on this spot. It was covered with shingles and looked like a real suburban estate. The new palace was built for the Dzieduszycki family in the times of Romanticism, when Gothic novels were written. And so this palace became virtually the only example of romantic Neo-Gothic style in Lviv, since latter Neo-Gothic architecture of late 19th – early 20th century in Lviv is rather stylized to look like Gothic.

    The palace which now houses the facilities of the Veterinary Academy was recently restored by means of superstructing a tiled roof. 

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