The Palace of Baworowskis

    Address:2 Bibliotechna Street
  • The Palace of Baworowskis is a building in the style of Biedermeier Classicism constructed in the first half of the 19th century.

    The building was initially erected as the arsenal of A. Sieniawski in 1639 according to the project by architect Pawel Grodzicki. Strong and stern walls of the first floor testify to the previous defensive function of this structure. In the late 17th century the house was handed over to Counts Chartoryiskys who built stables and a manege near the main building.

    Since the beginning of the 19th century the palace belonged to Counts Baworowski who rebuilt it in 1830-1840s in the style of Biedermeier Classicism according to the project by architect I. Chambres. The architect concentrated on the eastern facade, decorated by a triangular pediment and a balcony supported by Tuscan columns. The sculptures on the facade and in the interior were the work of Johann Baptist Schimser. The lower pediment houses a full-scale sculpture of a lying horse while the balcony is decorated with the reliefs depicting eagles holding flower garlands.

    In1877 Count Victor Baworowski moved his library to the palace. The library became public in 1900 and since then was known under the name of Baworowski Library. In Soviet times the building housed the Department of Arts of V. Stefanyk Scientific Library. The restoration of the palace funded by sponsors (O. and T. Antonovych, the Polish government and the State Budget of Ukraine) was finished in 2006. Now the building is home to Omelyan and Tetyana Antonovych Palace of Arts of Lviv V. Stefanyk Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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