The Palace of Siemienski -Lewickis

    Address:19 Pekarska Street
  • The Palace of Siemienski -Lewickis is one of the bright examples of the 19th-century late Eclectic architecture.

    Ambassador of Halychyna States and landlord of the town of Maherov Count Konstantyn Siemienski ordered the palace project from architect Friderick Bauman of Prussian origin. The construction of the palace in Pekarska Street was finished in 1849.

    Count Konstantyn’s son Wilhelm Stanislaw Siemienski (1827-1901), who managed to rise to the rank of privy councillor of the Emperor’s court and was a member of the Nobles’ Chamber of Austria as well as holder of the Order of Malta, rebuilt the palace in 1877. The project was developed by architect A. Wagner in French Baroque style. In 1891-1894 architects Ivan Levynsky and Jan Kudelsky reconstructed the palace which has preserved its appearance till present time.

    The palace looks like an old residence with two wings and a spacious courtyard. Entrance to the stables and the manege are situated eastward from the main gate and decorated with two stone horse heads. This is not unexpected, since Wilhelm Stanislaw Siemienski was the president of Halychyna Commission on Horse Breeding and was very fond of these animals.

    In 1856 Wilhelm Stanislaw married Zofia Lewicka, and their heir Stanislaw Konstantyn Maria Feliks (1864-1918) carried the name of Siemienski-Lewicki. Since that time a monogram reading “S.L.” has survived and decorats the palace’s facade. Today the descendants of this family live in Canada while their palace awaits substantial restoration in Lviv.

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