The Palace of Biesiadeckis

  • Address:10 Halytska Square
  • The Palace of Biesiadeckis is an example of urban palace architecture of the 18th-19th centuries in the style of Rococo, Umpire and Neoclassicism.

    This building is located deep within the land plot, behind the garden separated from Halytska Square by a stone fence with an entrance gate. Above the main entrance there is a stone cartouche with the coat of arms.

    Besides the Biesiadecki family, the palace also belonged to Bielski, Potocki and Komorowski families. The first palace was erected in the first half of the 18th century. In 1756 it was reconstructed according to the project by architect P. Riko de Tirzhel. In 1820s the interior was rebuilt by architect F. Batman, and the final reconstruction of the palace was carried out in 1934 by architect I. Bahensky. Despite all the rebuilding, the palace has preserved its original foundation.

    A sculptural frieze in Umpire style dating back to the first third of the 19th century has survived and can be found in the central hall. It is most likely the work of Lviv sculptor Johann Baptist Schimser.

    In Soviet times the palace housed the Regional Library. Today the educational facilities of Lviv National University are located in it.

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