Assumption Church

    Address:5/7, Ruska Str.
  • Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Ukrainian center of spiritual life throughout the medieval history of the city.

    The Church is called Wallachian for built at the expense of Wallachian or Moldavian rulers. Founders of the church, also were Ukrainian hetmans, Russian and Polish kings. The church ensemble consists of a  Kornyakta  tower, Chapel of the Three Hierarchs and the Assumption Church itself. 66-meter tower, which resembles slender Renaissance bell towers of Venice, built in the years 1572-1578 by the Italian architect Peter Barbon at the expense of the rich Lviv merchant Constantine Kornyakta. The highest tower in the city also had a defensive function. Exactly from this tower back in 1704 the defender of the city hit with an arrow the hat of Swedish King Charles XII. After the Turkish siege in 1672, when the top of the tower damaged due to the shelling atack, architect Beber added another fourth tier and to the Renaissance compositions added a Baroque top with four bizarre pyramids.

    Anyone who fenters the courtyard of the church, is going through old stone vault entrance gate. Here lies the Chapel of the Three Saints, which was constructed by Lviv architect Andrew Pidlisny with the money of Constantine Kornyakta completed in 1591. Here the classical European Renaissance architectural composition seamlessly interwoven with features of Ukrainian architecture with rich stone carvings. The chapel was so complete that inspired the Ukrainian community to build a new church.

    For the construction of the new church was invited the most famous Lviv architect Pavlo Rymlyanyn. After his death in 1629 the construction was completed by the builder Ambrose Pryhylnyi.

    The artistic value of the Assumption Church in the 20s of XX century joined stained glass windows done in the modern style by Petro holodnyi called "Kyiv Rus ',' Galician Rus" and "Founders of the Assumption Church." In the crypt of the Assumption church are buried the most prominent figures of Stavropigiysky Brotherhood, which was a center of cultural and spiritual life of Ukrainian Lviv.

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