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Find yourself in Lviv!

Joint programme of Lviv City Council and Lviv IT-BPO Cluster

Lviv is a large and growing center for IT industries. The city is an ideal place for those young people with right academic background and interest in IT, who are looking into launching or continuing their career in IT. Lviv-based IT companies are ready to offer internships, learning opportunities and jobs for talented young people. Find yourself in Lviv!


Lviv as an IT center

Lviv is a strong and dynamic center for IT industries and business services sector not only in Ukraine but also in Central and Eastern Europe. There are dozens of IT companies in Lviv working on hundreds of IT projects in Lviv annually, ranging from cloud-computing projects for leading multinationals to visual graphics and special effects for world-leading studios. Lviv is a HQ location for SoftServe, – largest Ukrainian IT company that was recognized as the best employer in Ukraine in 2010 and in CEE region in 2011. IT industry is rapidly expanding in Lviv. KPMG, leading consultancy, recognized Lviv as one of the top new IT outsourcing destinations in EMEA region.

IT industry is dependent on human capital – talented employees, eager to learn, proactive in acquiring new skills and always on a look-out for new challenges. Recently Lviv was recognized as the city with the best human capital in Ukraine, which is a crucial factor for IT industry development. As the growth continues, IT companies in Lviv are interested in young talents who are eager to join a dynamic industry and form the base for the city’s development.

Your career in Lviv

Leading Lviv-based IT companies are offering bright career opportunities for young people with interest in IT. Anyone with interest in IT, e.g. in IT project management, graphic design, software development etc., can launch its career in Lviv, no matter if you have a specialized education or gained knowledge or acquired skills on your own.

If you have certain skills in software development or you have already developed sites or applications, – Lviv IT companies would be interested to talk to you. Knowledge of English at least at the basic level is an advantage. Companies offer diverse training programmes for new recruits, actual and potential, and there is a wide selection on-the-job training options.

Keep in mind that Lviv offers a market for young people with interest in IT career, – you can submit your resume to different companies based on your preferences. Lviv IT-BPO Cluster and Lviv City Council provides you with a compiled information about career opportunities in Lviv IT companies.

Lviv is open for talents from other cities of Ukraine and further from the world – Lviv IT companies will offer you a dynamic career path for years ahead and Lviv as a city can offer one of the highest level of quality of life in Ukraine.

Find yourself in Lviv!

Lviv IT companies, members of IT-BPO Cluster all have different approaches to recruitment and programmes for young talents. More information about job possibilities you can find on IT-BPO Cluster web-page.