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Calendar of events in Lviv 2018

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    December 8-January 15 Lviv Christmas Fair
    December 23-February 10 ‘Your Winter in the Park’ Recreation Festival
    December 28-January 9 Winter Camp for Children
    January 7, 8 Christmas Celebrations
    January 7-9 ‘Christmas at the Folk Architecture Museum’ Festival
    January 7-9 City Pampukh Festival
    January 7-21 The Great Carol Christmas Festival


    February 9, 10 Event Industry Forum
    February 14 St. Valentine's Day
    February 22 Guides’ Forum


    March 1-April 15 Lviv Pysanka Festival
    March 10, 11 Lviv Wedding Festival
    March 22-25 Lviv Fashion Week
    March Local Government Forum


    April 6-May 13 Easter Fair
    April 8, 9 Easter Celebrations
    April 15-22 73rd International Council Meeting of ELSA
    April 19 Spring Business Forum
    April 28-May 1 Regional Taizé Meeting


    May 1-6 ‘Lviv on a Plate’ Art Project
    May 3-7 ‘In the Circle of Friends’ International Folk Festival
    May 4-6 ‘Weather-Vanes of Lviv’ Festival
    May 4-6 FOODCulture Fest
    May 4-6 #NWE Festival of Contemporary Youth Culture
    May 4-6 Craft Beer & Vinyl Festival
    May 5, 6 BBQ Fest
    May 5, 6 City Day at Lvivarnya Brewery Museum
    May 5-6 Royal Lion International Festival of Brass Orchestras
    May 6 Lviv City Day
    May 17 Embroidered Shirt Day
    May 17-19 Lviv Media Forum
    May 18 International Museum Day
    May 18-June 10 ‘Virtuosi’ Musical Art Festival
    May 19 Day of Europe in Ukraine
    May 22-27 Children’s Forum
    May 25-27 ‘Nebu-Hai’ Festival of Music and Movement (Mykolaiv district, Berezyna village)


    1-3 червня Leopolis Grand Prix Festival

    June 2, 3 ‘Fairy Tale at the Folk Architecture Museum’ Festival
    June 7-10 LvivKlezFest
    June 10 Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon
    June 16-17 Alarm Graffiti Festival
    June 18-24 Festival of Ancient Music in Lviv
    June 21 Lviv Music Festival
    June 24 Youth Day
    June 27-July 1 Leopolis Jazz Fest
    June 28 Constitution Day
    June 29, 30 Draught Horse Festival


    July 1-3 ‘People and Puppets’ International Puppet Theatre Festival 
    July 13-15 Night in Lviv
    July 13-21 LvivMozArt Festival
    July 27-29 Franko Fest Festival (Drohobych district, Nahuievychi village)
    July 28, 29 Kulchitsy Fest (Sambir district, Kulchytsi village)
    July 28, 29 Radofest Cuisine Festival (Radekhiv town)
    July (Whole Month) Author's Readings Month


    August 4-5 Tustan Festival (Skole district)
    August 6-12 ‘Wiz-Art’ Lviv International Short Film Festival
    August 9-11 Woodstock Ukraine Festival (Gorodok District, Tsuniv village)
    August 10-13 International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival
    August 11, 12 ‘Honey Fun’ Festival (Peremyshliany district, Hanachivka village)
    August 19 ‘Good Traditions of Galicia’ Fair (Pustomyty District, Viniava village)
    August 19-24 Paradjanov International Festival
    August 22-26 Etnovyr International Folklore Festival
    August 24 Independence Day
    August 24-26 ZaxidFest (Horodok district, Rodatychi village)
    August 24-26 FOODCulture Fest
    August 28 European Neighborliness Days (Sokal district, Korchiv village)


    September 1-9 Week of Contemporary Art
    September 7, 9 European Heritage Days in Lviv
    September 9-16 ‘Myroslav Skoryk and Modernity’ International Festival of New Music
    September 14, 15 ‘451°E’ E-Governance Forum
    September 19-23 Lviv Publishers' Forum
    September 20-23 Lviv Coffee Festival
    September 27-29 Lviv Bike Expo
    September 28-30 IT Arena
    September 28-30 Lviv Chocolate Festival
    September 28-October 14 ‘Contrasts’ International Contemporary Music Festival
    September 29, 30 Lviv Eclairs Days
    September 29-October 7 Golden Lion Theatre Festival
    September CANactions International Architecture Festival


    October 12, 13 GDG DevFest Ukraine
    October 12-15 Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival
    October 18-20 TourExpo Exhibition
    October 23-25 Lviv Tourism Forum (LTF)
    October 25, 26 European Cities Marketing Conference
    October 25-28 Lviv Fashion Week


    November 7-9 HoReCa Show Lviv
    November 21 Dignity and Freedom Day
    November Lviv Security Forum


    December 6-16 JazzBez Festival
    December 15-January 14 Christmas at Lvivarnya Brewery Museum
    December 19 St. Nicholas Day
    Beginning of December Start of New Year's & Christmas Celebrations in Lviv
    December Inspiring City Festival

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