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Lviv is the best budget holiday destination in August 2017

  • The popular travel website Momondo included Lviv to the list of the best budget holiday destinations 2017.

    Momondo recommends visit Lviv in August this year.

    Information about Lviv in the article "The best budget holiday destinations in 2017":

    Learn about Lviv’s legends hidden around every corner of the Old Town

    Wrapped in the warm breeze of a Ukrainian summer, explore the streets of Lviv as they lead you to the heart of the city. It’s here at Rynok Square that you’ll find people cooling off by the four fountains adorned with figures of Greek and Roman mythology. Only a few steps away, the wings of the Chapel of the Boim Family shelter coffee shop terraces – make sure to go to Світ кави (Coffee World) for its varieties of coffee and cosy interior.

    Folklore and legends hide around each street – the Lviv Opera is said to have cost its architect his life when he was so ashamed the structure sunk by half a metre on inauguration day. Carried by the sounds of street performances, float through the city centre and up to Lviv Castle hill for a view over the city’s rooftops.

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