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  • Lviv inspires bookprinting

    It is our city that gave Ukraine the first printed book. It was back in 1574 when Lviv published the first dated book in Ukraine, the famous – “Apostle” – the work of the great Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian devotee Ivan Fedorov. Lviv Dormition Brotherhood Press - the oldest constantly active to this day typography in Eastern Europe was established in 1585. The traditions laid five hundred years ago are actively continued by modern publishing, and on the antiquarian market at the glorious monument to Ivan Fedorov, you can still buy books from past centuries. Moreover, Lviv conducts a Ukrainian-language publications contest.

    Lviv inspires literary creativity

    As a city of cultural crossroads, Lviv gave the world such outstanding literary names as – Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Stanislaw Lem, Bohdan Ihor Antonych, Ivan Franko, Bruno Schulz, Adam Zagajewski, Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, Simon Simonides. They drew inspiration and formed their literary talent in the "city of dreams" (in the words of A. Zagajewski).

    Lviv inspires translators

    Quite a few gems of Ukrainian translation have been created in the multilingual literary cradle of the city. A number of the greatest works of classical and contemporary world literature have received aUkrainian “face” thanks to the translators of the city: “The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk” Jaroslav Hasek (S. Maslyak ), “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” James Joyce (M. Prokopovych ), “The Lord of the Rings” J.R.R. Tolkien (O. Feshovets ), “Foucault's Pendulum”, “The Name of the Rose” Umberto Eco (M. Prokopovych ), “I Served the King” Bohumil Hrabal (Yuriy Vynnychuk ), “Dictionary of the Khazars” Milorad Pavic (A. Ross), “Last Love in Constantinople” Milorad Pavic (N. Chorpita ), “Loneliness On The Net” Janusz Leon Wisniewski (A. Kravets), “Patience with God” Tomas Halik (L. Fedyk and N. Lobur) and others.

    Lviv inspires young poetry

    “Young Poets Republic” – is a literary project that unites creative youth from all over Ukraine and gives a unique opportunity for young poets to read their poems in front of a large audience and also to publish books. Numerous literary meetings and readings, literary cafés ("") give birth to new names: the poetic group LuHoSad and the birth of poetic literary group "Bu-Ba-Bu" (Burlesque-Balagan, slapstick). Young poets of the city are willing to live and work anywhere – even “in the phonebooth” (R. Skiba).

    Lviv inspires modern drama

    Theatrical life whirls and bustles in Lviv. Tragedy and comedy continuallyappear in the new faces at scenes of classical and vanguard theaters ofthe city: Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Solomiya Krushelnytska, Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Lviv Academic Theatre Voskresinnia, Lviv Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, Lviv Les' Kurbas Academic Theatre, Lviv miniature theater-studio “I lyudy, i lyalky” (And People and Puppets), First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences. Lviv itself is the scenery, and even acts as the location for numerous films and theater productions: spectator seats on stage, performance in the hall.

    “Drama UA” festival – is a powerful platform for the presentation of young dramatists and contemporary plays performances. One of Lviv’s modern drama extravagant “products” is Roman Viktyuk, known as a constant and genuine essence of epatage and creativity.

    Lviv inspires liberal education

    Since the establishment of the first University in Ukraine in Lviv in 1661 until now - Lviv has been a major center of liberal education in Eastern Europe. Here exists a powerful philosophical tradition (the Lviv-Warsaw School), one of the strongest law schools, ancient traditions of journalism and literary criticism, and of course – the education conditions for comprehensive support of the literary process. Graduates of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Ukrainian Catholic University form the backbone of publishing, writing and journalistic European elite.

    Lviv inspires literary festivals and forums 

    Every September, The International Book Fair & Literature Festival is held in Lviv (organizer – Publishers’ Forum NGO since 1994.) It is the largest Ukrainian Book Fair and one of the most popular events of its kind in Eastern Europe. Paulo Coelho (Brazil), Oksana Zabuzhko (Ukraine), Ivan Dziuba (Ukraine), Peter Weidhaas (Germany), Roman Viktyuk (Ukraine), Jostein Gaarder (Norway), Janusz Leon Wiśniewski (Poland), Erlend Loe (Norway), DBC Pierre (Great Britain), Zygmunt Bauman (Poland) and others were once honorable guests of the Forum. Every year theForum elects and promotes the best book of the year. New festival initiatives are constantly being created, including the “Book Projector” – a short film contest aimed at book promotion among youth.

    Lviv inspires children’s reading

    Lviv can be truly called a city of children’s reading. This is indicated by a well-developed network of children's libraries, numerous publishing houses and literary festivals like “Old Lion Publishing House”, Lviv International Children's Festival, Literary Marathon (this year's anniversary), and the Festival of Children Reading “Bookmania”. Besides that, Lviv initiated the movement “Ukraine is Reading to Children”, which has passed on to European countries (the Children's Reading Center).

    Lviv inspires cultural synergy

    One of the most creative cities in Europe: from theater and books to food. Only this extraordinary symbiosis of all things creative - from "proper coffee" and rich architecture to a writer’s residence, Lviv can catalize creative resources, not onlythose native to Lviv, but also all its guests. All of Ukraine inspires Lviv: Lviv boasts the highest concentration of Ukrainian traditions, focus on the national values, multiculturalism and multi nationality. If you want to create something – come to Lviv!

    Lviv inspires Ukraine

    Lemberg is the beautiful medieval old city included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage, the city of ideas and the cultural capital of Ukraine. It is not only about an informal folk status, but also about the largest number of creative clubs, restaurants, cafes and festival initiatives. Lviv – is a cultural bridge between Europe and Ukraine. The city where the events calendar – is a schedule of festivals in different creative directions.

    AttensionLiterary Space of Lviv, real and imaginary, is gathered under one cover!


    Literary Space of Lviv, real and imaginary, gathered under one cover!
    Now every citizen of Lviv or lvovyanka and guests can discover a new page in the city of art and illustrated encyclopedic guide "Lviv - a city of inspiration. Literature". Edition collected essays inspired by contemporary authors lions, thorough historical research and review of relevant locations, awards and events from the map published literary infrastructure. The book was published in Publishing Old Lion at the initiative of the Office "Lviv - City of Literature." The book can be purchased at the link.

    Now every citizen of Lviv and guests can open a new page of the city of art in the illustrated encyclopedic guide "Lviv - a city of inspiration. Literature" (available only in Ukrainian). This edition collected essays of contemporary authors inspired by Lviv, fundamental historical research and review of relevant locations, awards and events, with the map of literary infrastructure. The book was published in The Old Lion Publishing House with the initiative of the Office "Lviv - City of Literature." The book can be purchased by link.