How to get here?

train.gifBy rail

Lviv has been able to receive trains since 1861 and can boast one of the oldest railways in Ukraine. In that year the railroad construction was finished, and the first train arrived to Lviv from Vienna on November 4, 1861.

fly.gifBy air

Lviv Airport is situated on Lyubinska Street just 7 km from the city centre. Lviv has established air service with 14 European countries, with main destinations including Frankfurt, Warsaw, Naples, Rome, Lisbon, Bratislava, Moscow, Kyiv, etc.

bus.gifBy bus

You can get to Lviv by bus from almost every place in Europe or Ukraine.

auto.gifBy car

If you travel to Lviv by your own car, it will be best for you to follow E-40 International Highway (from the western border to Lviv it is M-11 Ukrainian Highway, and from Kyiv it is M-06).