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"Your Christmas in Lviv"

  • New Year and Christmas holidays - a unique time of the year, when residents and visitors dive in the atmosphere of miracle and friends and relatives give each other unforgettable tale and memories.

    We offer you 7 reasons to visit Lviv in during New Year and Christmas season. Believe, we have something to surprise you!

     Program of celebration you can download here.

    Reason # 1. Opening of the Lviv Christmas Fair (December 10-16, 2016)

    • December 10

    - Traditionally the Lviv Christmas Fair create the festive mood in the city. Lviv Christmas Fair runs from December 10 to January 20. Christmas Fair is the epicenter of the celebrations of Christmas in Lviv for 8 years. During Christmas Fair Svodody Avenue and Rynok Square is transformed into stylized Christmas village with wooden houses and  Christmas illuminations. Here you can enjoy try Galician cuisine and buy exclusive souvenirs.

    - Musical Salon in Museum. Charity evening. For Andriyko... Assembly Hall of the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv, Svobody Av, 15.

    • December 12 

    St. Andrew's vechornytsi celebration. Night ecxursion with entertainment, fun and jokes. the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, "Shevchenksvskiy grove"

    • December 13-January 29

    The exhibition "Hutsul Christmas". National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky, Svobody Av. 20.

    On December 13, 2016 at 16.00 we invite you to the opening of exhibition of the fonds of the National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky and private collections - "Hutsul Christmas. Hutsul Folk Art of XIX - the first third of the XX century".

    • December 15

    TÉPLO. Charity concert of acoustic band "Three steps into the night"The Les Kurbas Theater, st. Kurbasa 3

    All collected funds will be transferred to treatment of Theater artic director Volodymyr Kuchinskiy.

    Reason # 2. Opening of City Christmas tree (December 17-22, 2016)

    • December 17-18

    "Music joinery". Classical music.  Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre. Joiner's Workshop in the yard of the Theatre. St. Gorodotska 36.

    • December 18

    - Opening of the Central Christmas tree, Svobody Avenue, 17.30 - 19.00

    - Event for kids "Funny sled on Bilohorshcha". Bilohorshcha Public House (st. Bilogorska, 23)

    • December 18-19

    - "St. Nicholas in the grove". Theatrical fantastic ecxursion. St. Nicholas settled in the house, where together with the angels he could meet with youngsters. Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, "Shevchenkivskiy grove"

    - "The Adventures of St. Nicholas", a musical tale, performed by the choir "Dudaryk" together with "Rock Оrchestra". St. Copernika, 27

    - Theatrical performance "Saint Nicholas, I'm waiting for you!", Library for adults. 2a, Mularska St.

    - Holiday "All grove in snow, St. Nicholas is coming". Inclusive holiday with workshop, Library for adults. 2a, Mularska St.

    - Library Fun event "Magic St. Nicholas Day", Library-branch №42, st. Paton 4/2

    - Family holiday "Were all waiting for St. Nicholas...", theatrical show for the whole family. The Public House "Zboyischa", Myrovana St., 32.

    • December 22

    The exhibition "From St. Nicholas to Christmas". A. Nowakowski Art-memorial Museum 

    Reason # 3. Catholic Christmas (December 23-26, 2016)

    • December 25

    - Master Class: "Good spirit of Didukh". Library for adults. 2a, Mularska St.

    - Master Class "Christmas Decorations". Library for adults. 2a, Mularska St.


    Reason # 4. New Year's celebration (December 28, 2016 - January 2, 2017)

    • December 31 - January 1 (New Year's Eve)

    - Unique celebration of the New Year on the Rynok Square: Jazz party and New Year countdown at the Town Hall.

    - Also New Year celebrations will be held in the B. Khmelnitskiy Park of Culture.

    •  December 30-31 and January 7, 8, 9 

    The play "When the angels descend on earth" by the theater "Resurrection". Courtyard of Town Hall, Rynok Square. Make your Christmas memorable with the angels who descend from heaven to ignite your Christmas star and give you happiness for the whole year!

    •  December 30-31

    New Year Carnival. Another Land CARNAVALklub. !FESTrepublic, st. Staroznesenska 24.

    Festival of electronic music AnotherLand CARNAVAL - amazing performance with unique decorations, light and video installations and unique theatrical play show-ballet «BioKukly».

    • January 2

    New Year's Eve at the Opera. Olexander Bozsik. Lviv Opera House, 28, Svobody Av.

    Traditionally during 14 years the company "DikArt" invites you to spend an evening on January 2 at the Lviv Opera House. This year violin virtuoso Alexander Bozsik will be perform for the citizens  and guests of Lviv. He prepared a special program, involving orchestra with a rock band and unique soloists.   

    Reason # 5. Orthodox Christmas (January 4-10, 2017)

    • January 4

    Game "We have the New Year!". The Public House "Zboyischa", 32, Myrovana St.

    • January 6

    - Christmas Didukh  (11.30-12.00, Jaworskogo Square)

    Didukh is the main symbol of New Year and Christmas. Didukh - a sheaf of wheat, which symbolize the coming of the ancestors.

    - Evening before Christmas by "Dudaryk", 27, Copernika St.

    • January 7

    - Liturgy on the feast of the Christmas by "Dudaryk", 27, Copernika St.

    - Festival of Verteps

    Verteps Festival is a good tradition during Christmas Fair in Lviv. A lot of verteps share their friendly, unique and colorful version of the Christmas play. Performances take place on the main stage near City Christmas tree, so that everyone who walks the city center, will certainly see a personification of Christmas traditions in the form of plays.

    •  January 7-10

    City Pampuh Festival, Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, "Shevchenkivskiy grove"

    Traditional competitions, including a competition "the tastiest pampukh" and a competition for the best vertep.

    •  January 7-9

    "Christmas in the Shevchenkivskiy Grove Holiday". Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, "Shevchenkivskiy grove"

    "Christmas in the Shevchenkivskiy Grove Holiday" is a meeting place for families, friends and tourists. Traditionally doors of all houses in rhe Grove will be open for visiting. Also master classes, reading Christmas stories, singing carols together will create a special family atmosphere.

    • January 7-22

    XVIII All-Ukrainian Christmas Festival "GREAT CAROLS". 3, Museum square, Church of the Blessed Eucharist.

    Christmas has a special role in the religious and spiritual life of each person. Christmas traditions of Ukrainian people emphasize the greatness of joining the world of the Son of God, who with his presence among us joined Sky from Earth. The festival aims to popularize deeper knowledge and Christmas traditions all over Ukraine.

    • January 8

    - Khoda Zvizdariv (March of Starholders), Rynok sq., Svobody Av.

    Bright stars all around us, which made by old masters and their sudents, are announcing the birth of Christ. This tradition is maintained for years in Lviv, and starholders kindly flaunt their unique and colorful stars, walking on the main streets of the city to the heart of the Christmas fair.

    - "Christmas in Lviv" (Holidays in the library), walk to the observation deck of the High Castle. Library for adults, 2a, Mularska St.

    • January 8-9

    Christmas miracles in the Lesya theater. Courtyard of the Theatre, Small Stage of Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre. st. Gorodotska 36.

    • January 9-10

    IX Ukrainian multidisciplinary art festival-competition "Diverse jewels". Great scene of Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre. st. Gorodotska 36.

    Reason # 6. Old New Year and Malanka Holiday (January 11-16, 2017)

    • January 13-14 

    International Christmas Festival

     Teams and bands from Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and other cities of Ukraine in Lviv bring their Christmas carols, songs and dances. Acquaintance with the folklore of neighboring countries and with Ukrainian folklore.

    • January 14

    Christms concert by choir "Dudaryk", 27, Copernika St. 

    Reason # 7. Epiphany (January 17-28, 2017)

    • January 18-19

    Ice sculptures competition

    According to popular legend, the Jordan water has healing properties. During the Christmas fair you can see magic from the water - ice sculptors carve incredible shapes and compete for the title of the best ice sculptor.

    • January 19

    Feast of Epiphany. Blessing of water, Rynok Square

    Traditionally in Ukraine Blessing of Water is performed with participation of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

    • January 25-26

    "Christmas concerts" ("Echoes of Christmas"). choir "Dudaryk", 27, Copernika St.