Passage Andreolli

    Address:29, Rynok Sq.
  • Passage Andreolli - stone building of the second half of the XVIII century, built in the Empire style.

    By the middle of the XVIII century at that place was one of the most beautiful Renaissance stone buildings of the city, built in the XVI century by Lviv patricians Kampians. It in the first half of the XVII century here lived a prominent resident of the city - the mayor, chronicler and poet Bartholomew Zymorovych. Another house at the site belonged to the personal physician of King Zygmunt III Vase Stanislav Dybovitskomu. In 60-70s of the XVIII century on the site of two previous buildings last military commandant of Lviv Felitsian Korytovskyy designed by Christopher Muradowicz builds the current building. In the construction were involved gaidamaks prisoners - members of anti-Polish uprising in 1768, which upon completion of works were executed.

    1803 the house was bought by  Domenico Andreolli from Switzerland in 1825 and founded the one of the first in Ukraine confectionery. Andreolli's shop has successfully existed the longest among all similar institutions - more than 50 years. In 1850 in this building in store of A. Fedorovskyi were sold first stamps in Lviv. In a passage between two old stone buildings in the XVIII century was arranged a trading passage from Market Square on Teatralna street, that gave a name to "Passage Andreolli."

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