Church of St. Lazarus

    Address:27, Kopernika Str.
  • Church of St. Lazarus is built on a hill with monastery and hospital in the first half of the XVII century, surrounded with massive walls.

    On the hill of Galician suburbs in 1630-1640 designed by Lviv architect Ambrosia Pryhylnyi erected the church and the hospital of St. Lazarus. This building was built at the time of the Baroque architectural style esteblishment, but its architecture remained faithful to the art of the Renaissance. Surrounded with walls the church and the hospital has a defensive function. Smooth, powerful walls cut with Gothic styled windows.

    For centuries beggars and poor founded shelter in the hospital. Here the wounded in battles against Turkish and Tatar invaders were treated. House of poor and elderly existed here until the Second World War. In 1989 former church and hospital was restored. Now children's folk choir "Dudaryk" is setteled here.

    At the bottom under the walls of the monastery is an old fountain, decorated with two stone lions of XVII century with the heraldic shields of Lviv patrician families.

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