The Palace of Lubomirskis

  • Address:10 Rynok Square
  • The Palace of Lubomirskis is a classical 18th-century Baroque palace with original sculptural decor.

    Two medieval houses in Rynok square which used to belong to Prince Sapeha were rebuilt in 1744 into a single one according to the project by architect Bernard Meretin, who constructed Saint George Cathedral. In 1760 the new owner of the building, Prince Stanislaw Lubomirski, bought out the adjacent buildings in Ruska and Fedorova Streets. Separate buildings were transformed into a single large palace designed by well-known architect Jan de Witt – the builder of the Dominical Cathedral. Construction, decoration and sculptural works were supervised by people equally well-known in Lviv – architect Martin Urbanik and sculptor Sebastian Fesinger.

    In 1772-1821 the palace housed the residence of Austrian governors of Halychyna. Since 1895 the building belonged to Prosvita Ukrainian Cultural Society which placed a number of its organizations here. The printing house of Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society as well as editorial offices of Dilo Newspaper and Hromadsky Holos Magazine were situated here. Starting from 1975 the building has been a home to an exhibition of furniture, silverware and chinaware from the collection of the Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts.

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